5 Keys to a Fantastic Costa Rica Wedding Reception

With the ceremony over, the time to party has arrived! Whether your guests want to dance ‘til dawn or have serious adventures planned for the following morning, follow these tips for an entertaining wedding reception in Costa Rica.


Pre-ceremony mini reception

Ever thought about a short pre-ceremony reception for your guests? Everyone appreciates delicious finger foods and you can even surprise your guests with a fun cocktail that captures your tastes and the tropical flavors of Costa Rica… think minty mojitos with guaro (the local firewater) instead of rum!

Keep the children occupied

Family and friends with young children will appreciate a few simple efforts to keep the kids occupied during a wedding reception. A designated kid’s table with art supplies or coloring books is easy, or you might consider hiring a couple of babysitters if there are lots of tots under the age of 10. You can even create a wedding-themed scavenger hunt or an “I Spy” list. And if the venue allows, set up a movie room with popcorn for hours of entertainment!

Plan a fun surprise for your guests

Spice things up by hiring some local talent to keep your guests’ attention. Professional Costa Rican salsa

 instructors can teach everyone the basic steps and ensure your dance floor is packed.  A tarot card reader or fortune teller is another fun late night surprise.

DIY cupcake making station??????????????????????????????? A gorgeous wedding cake never goes out of style, but creative couples are letting their guests make their own desserts at cupcake-making stations. This DIY concept is sure to delight anyone with a sweet tooth. The key is providing tons of mix and match flavors and cool toppings – from red velvet to German chocolate and everything in between.

Make sure your guests well fed

Lots of champagne toasts on an empty stomach are never a smart idea. Keep the party rocking until the late hours by offering plenty of midnight snacks.  Mini sliders, pizza, potato wedges and other carb-rich choices are great late-night fuel.


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