5 Tips for Perfect Wedding Hair

No bride-to-be wants to worry about a “bad hair day” on her wedding. While makeup mishaps are a breeze to fix, flat or flyaway tresses are a different story entirely. If you want to walk the aisle with confidence, follow these guidelines for wedding hairstyle do’s and don’ts.

Be open to suggestions but be true to yourself

As much as your stylist raves about clip-on extensions or the latest trendy updo, make sure the result speaks of your own personal style and taste. Whether that means a loose cascade of sexy waves or a classic chignon, your wedding hairstyle should showcase your personality and flair.


Shop around but book early

There are no do-overs for your wedding, which means you want to choose the right stylist for your big day. A good place to start asking is your recently married friends. You may already have a favorite stylist in mind, but it doesn’t hurt to consult others before making the final decision. Make sure to book your stylist at least three to four months (if not sooner) before the event.

Try out different looks first

While testing out stylists, have a friend come along to snap pics of different dos from all angles. You want every side to be stunning and beautiful considering you will be photographed constantly – and from every angle – throughout your special day.

Too many tendrils may be a bad thing

Two or three strategically placed tendrils are both flirty and romantic, but any more than that can look messy and cast unattractive shadows on your face, come picture time.


Day of planning

If you have decided on a soft bun or updo, ask your stylist not to pull it back too tightly, as this can lead to a killer headache! Also, try and avoid having it styled too early in the day, just an hour or two before the ceremony will ensure your tresses are perfectly coiffed.

Considerations for a Costa Rica wedding

The team at Casa Fantastica by Escape Villas can recommend professionals for your Costa Rica wedding hair and makeup needs. Abreast of the latest trends and classic looks, our expert stylists make brides feel and look their best.


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