Fun & Creative Costa Rica Wedding Favor Ideas

When friends and family find out they’ve been invited to a destination wedding in Costa Rica, they already know they’re in for a treat!   Who wouldn’t love a mini-vacation to a country known for its adventure and eco-tourism attractions – one that consistently tops honeymoon and wedding surveys for its romantic ambience, dazzling beaches and jaw-dropping wildlife.  Your nuptials are sure to be a stylish celebration, but why not take it up a notch with these fun and creative wedding favors that guests will actually want! Here are a few inexpensive suggestions that will please everybody.

Coffee as a fun and creative wedding favors

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A regional treat – gourmet Costa Rican coffee!

You don’t have to be a java junkie to appreciate the rich, bold flavors of Costa Rican coffee, which is exported all over the world. We promise that your guests will love any variety offered, from shade-grown beans produced by Café Britt to the sublime house blends and espressos offered by Doka Estate.

Sunglasses make for a fun Costa Rica wedding favor

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Go functional with sunglasses

Show off your sense of humor with this wedding favor idea that is both witty and practical! The sun’s powerful rays are felt that much more in Costa Rica, thanks to its proximity to the equator. So whether your guests are out deep sea fishing, zip-lining through the rainforest or just lounging by the beach, their eyes will always be protected.

Costa Rica tropical exotic fruit for destination wedding favor

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Local fruit – presented in cute, personalized bags

One of the great things about Costa Rica is its warm, tropical weather and abundance of exotic fruits. Everyone loves an edible gift, so why not offer up some local eats that are both refreshing and beautiful to look at? Surprise your guests with a bag of rambutan (mammon chinos), jocotes or rose apples, which are often in season.

Salsa Lizano a Costa Rica condiment for a wedding favor

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Lizano sauce – Costa Rica’s most popular condiment

The party favor that keeps on giving for months to come – a bottle or gift basket of Lizano sauce is great keepsake from Costa Rica, and will be appreciated by anyone who loves the local cuisine. Slightly sweet with just a hint of spice, this Costa Rican condiment is wonderful on rice and beans, cooked meats, eggs and much more.

Costa Rica liquor for destination wedding favor

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Booze is yet another fab Costa Rica wedding favor

Italian-themed weddings may offer small bottles of limoncello as favors, but what is the drink of choice in Costa Rica? The local firewater made from sugar cane, known as guaro, is passable in mixed cocktails but has a reputation for inducing some terrible hangovers. Instead, your guests might prefer mini bottls of Flor de Cana – a delightful rum produced in neighboring Nicaragua – perfect for afternoon mojitos or a refreshing Cuba Libre!

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